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Fourty years after its creation , Mantzavelakis SA,  remains a wholly Greek family business remaining focused to provide modern and fresh hospitality products. St. George Lycabettus Hotel in Athens and its partner, The Paradise Hotel in the island of Andros are included in the list of best hotels in Athens and Greece.

During the last 10 years the fourth generation, Panos Vassilopoulos and his sister Tonia have assumed joint management of the hotels, both having specialized in hotel management in  UK , Switzerland, France and elsewhere. With their love for hospitality, music and the arts and as a response to the idea that tourism and culture can be linked very successfully they have organized numerous successful gastronomic, cultural, music and fashion events . In 2003 they launched Frame bar-restaurant which attracted the discerning, sophisticated young Athenian crowd and was quoted among others as the ‘most interesting arrivals in the entertaining business’ by Wallpaper magazine and a ‘Lifestyle  Evolution’ by Vogue. In 2005 they initiated the opening of ‘Sensia’ spa and gym and ‘Afternoon fashion boutique’ and were involved in the revamp of the roof top  ‘Le Grand Balcon restaurant and La Suite Lounge’ which was awarded with the prestigious ‘Toques D’Or’ gastronomic award for consecutive years. Moreover, they created an interactive Art space named ‘SG Art Gallery’ within the St. George Lycabettus Hotel in order to promote Greek and foreign art through various exhibitions, screenings, private viewings and fashion events. In 2009 they expanded abroad  by creating the ‘Suite Home’ hospitality concept in cosmopolitan Paris, Mykonos and St.Moritz by buying , renovating and renting  suite style apartments and offering hospitality services to its guests managed by local companies.


Only indicative reference may be made to some of the VIP’s who visited and stayed with us in recent years.

Kevin Spacey

Irene Pappas

Emmanuelle Beart

Daniel Day Lewis

Jeremy Irons

Joakin Kortez

Charlotte Rampling

Prince Nikolaos of Greece

HRH Princess of Kent

Jane Birkin

Franco Nero

Bibi Andersson

Andriana Skleranikova

Gloria Gaynor

Jean Moreau

Vensan Casel

Anna Vissi


Cesaria Evora

Marcello Masrtojanni

Jean Louis-Trentignat

Maximilian Schell

Demis Roussos

Nina Simon

Georges Moustaki

Isabelle Hupert

Joan Kennedy

Harvey Kaitel

Ira Furstenmberg

Amalia Roddriguez

Michel Picco

Romano Prodi


Pet shop Boys

Carlos Santana

Anna Mouglalis

Juliette Binoche

Vanessa May

Princess Irina Strozzi

Princess Suzanne Pignatelli

Olympia Doukakis


Chick Correa

Fiennes Brothers

Luz Casal

Catherine Deneuve

Emir Kusturica

Diane Kruger

Costas Gavras

Nikos Aliagas

Claudia Cardinale

Michael Cohen

In the same space and as a response to the idea that tourism and culture can be linked very successfully a series of cultural events have been organized since 1995. These events took place at St. George Lycabettus Hotel as well as Paradise Hotel, at Chora on the island of Andros.

The aim behind such endeavours has been the international promotion of Greece through art and culture.

The following are only some of these events:

  • A lecture on Renaissance by the historian Princess Michael of Kent to celebrate 25 years since the opening of St. George Lycabettus Hotel.
  • A lecture by Mrs Joan Kennedy , who also inaugurated an exhibition of contemporary Greek painters within the premises of the St. George Lycabettus.
  • A historical book entitled ‘Andros: Dreams and Times’, by Marios Vassilopoulos and Irene Mantzavelakis-Vassilopoulou, to commemorate 65 years since the opening of Paradeisos Hotel on the island of Andros. The book was launched in Athens by the historian and director of the National Gallery Mrs Marina Lambraki-Plaka . It was also presented in London at the European Academy of Art by the former E.U commissioner Mr I. Palaiokrassas and in New York at Christie’s by former ambassador Christos Zacharakis, also a member of the Greek as well as the Eurpean Parliaments.
  • An exhibition of paintings relating to the Olympic idea, in 1966. The exhibition coincided with the Olympic Games in Atlanta , where it subsequently travelled aiming to support the Athens Olympic bid by Greece which hosted the Olympic Games in 2004.
  • An international Byzantine Studies Conference in collaboration with the National Research Institute.
  • A cultural event to commemorate 60 years since the birth of Maria Callas, with the participation of the distinguished director Allan Sieveright.
  • The organization of a yearly innovative exhibition in collaboration with gallery Kappatos entitled ’20 rooms’ , in which 20 young artists transform 20 rooms of the hotel into works of art.
  • The creation of a Museum of Folk and Christian Art in the Old Mantzavelaki Ice Factory next to the Hotel Paradeisos at Chora, Andros, which was inaugurated in 1999 by the President of EOT (National Tourism Organistation) , Mr Stefanidis.
  • A book publication entitled Andros: Traditional Life and Art by Marios Vassilopoulos and Professor of Folk studies at the University of Athens Caterina Corre. The book was launched at the Museum of Folk and Christian Art on Andros as well as in Athens.
  • An exhibition of paintings by Alice Tombrou entitled Byzantine Churches and Monasteries of Andros in the Museum of Folk and Christian Art at Chora-Andros.
  • Publication of a book on the Athenian neighborhood of Dexameni by the historian, Professor of the Hellenic Open University Margarita Dritsa.
  • An exhibition of paintings curated by art historian and art critic Mrs Dora Rogan-Iliopoulou at the St. George Lycabettus Hotel premises entitled ‘Aura Arboris’  inspired from the forested Lycabettus hill and the global effort for the Protection of the Environment. The proceeds went towards the creation of the ‘Museum of Tourism’ initiated by the ‘Women in Tourism Association’ whose President is  mrs Irene Mantzavelakis-Vassilopoulou .
  • The organization  of festival ‘Cinema on the plate’ in collaboration with neighboring open air cine-dexameni  where the screening of a gourmet related film was followed by a linked dinner menu created from the hotels chef. The screening  and dinner was presented by well-known  film and food critics at Frame Garden Restaurant of St. George Lycabettus Hotel. The cinema space was sponsored by the hotel that year and was renamed to Cine –Frame Dexameni.
  • The creation of an Art space named ‘SG Art Gallery’ within the St. George Lycabettus Hotel  in order to promote Greek and foreign art through various exhibitions, screenings, private viewings and fashion events.

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